"ATTENTION HOME OWNERS - Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Will Save Time and Money By Calling Us…"

Paul Finnegan is dedicated to making your home healthier and cleaner since 1989. He and his team have cleaned, power stretched deflooded and repaired 9,747+ homes, so they won't be practicing on yours.

Hey this is Paul, thank you for visiting this page. Here you will learn why choosing our company is the best choice you will ever make regarding cleaning your home or office.

1. You’ll find we listen to you – to find out exactly what you need. Every home, and customer needs are very different by every other. We’ll make sure we have all your needs met before you pay us even a dime.

2. Your home will be handled by experienced professionals. Me and my teams have cleaned, power stretched deflooded and repaired 9,747+ homes, so we won't be practicing on yours. I have over 25 years of experience and I always carefully pick any professionals and cleaning technicians who work for me. All of our professionals have at least 5 years of experience in their field of house cleaning and property maintenance. From house cleaning, office cleanings, carpet cleaning, oven cleaning, leather and couch cleaning to gutter cleaning and property renovations we have a ton of experience working all over County Dublin and surrounding areas. Chances are you may already know us.

3. You’ll get fast and professional service. – Usually we do not charge by the hour as many other cleaning companies do here in Dublin. And here is why this will benefit you enormously. As many other cleaning companies do, they will estimate their job by the amount of hours they may spend cleaning your home or office. Thing is; how do you know that they need so many hours to this task or another? Here’s how: YOU DON’T. That’s the point. Many Dublin cleaning companies will over inflate their working hours and they will overcharge you in a blink of an eye. They do that because that’s their way to charge more money their unsuspecting customers. I have seen that over and over again in my 25 years of experience in the field. That’s why I decided to do it another way. We’ll estimate our work by the amount of work you need done and we will not mislead you telling you how many hours it will approximately take only, after that to delay on purpose and charge you much more for much LESS work! (You get a fixed price. No surprizes and no shenanigans.) Not many people know this; that’s why I sometimes receive hate letters and emails from anonymous cleaning companies. But that’s ok, all to be for the greater good and prosperity for you and many other fantastic customers like you. We’ll go straight to the point without wasting your time and money, unlike other cleaning companies here in Dublin.

4.  We work every day of the week. From Monday to Sunday. Thing is, I know you are very busy during the week working or making sure to provide the best for your family, and the only free time to get someone to clean your home is the weekend. That’s why we decided to offer or cleaning services every day of the week (Without exception and with NO extra charge) so you may have more free time and enjoy more with your loved ones

5. We will get any job even if it’s for today. I know emergency happen all the time, so even if you need a cleaner for today we will help you. If you need a cleaning job done today, do not hesitate to call us. If we have an available team we will go ahead and clean your home.   

6. Your unique guarantee. Here is the thing; we are so sure that you will be blown away from the quality of our cleaning service that, if you are not 100% satisfied, you will pay absolutely nothing. 100% guaranteed.

- Paul Finnegan

  • You are covered by our 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Your Home Fresh and Sparkling Clean

  • Take a Look Of What Some Of Our Customers Have to Say About Our Cleaning Services:

    Cleaning Dublin is great. Painless, no hassles, and they always arrive on time. Their teams are diligent and trustworthy, and I've been incredibly pleased with the results. I was particularly happy with Michael, who went above and beyond in his work. Highly recommended!

    Patricia Lohan - Blackrock, Dublin

    We have been using Cleaning Dublin Service for the last 5 years.  Initially I was apprehensive about having someone have a key to our apartment, I have 2 small kids, however Paul’s crew have been very trustworthy and we've never had any issue. They are now like a part of the family to us. My kids know them and they have been always incredible.  They are well worth the price. Until they are around, I would never change them.
    Ellen FitzGerald - Dun Loghaire, Dublin

    Tried Cleaning Services Dublin for the first time and I was VERY happy with the results! Michael and Melina came to do a deep cleaning and were absolutely wonderful. The arrived early and stayed until the job was done. I will definitely be hiring them again in the future.

    Cora O\'Sullivan - Ballsbridge, Dublin

    We've used Paul’s services for a few months now and have had a couple of her nice ladies come in and clean.  We use them about once every 2 weeks.  When we were searching for a cleaning services and we were a little concerned because we have a dog.  But they are awesome with our pets also! The cleaning is very professional and very thorough.  I strongly recommend them.
    Nicole Conrad - Mount Merrion, Dublin

    I just came home to a sparkling apartment. Third time I've used Cleaning Dublin and I certainly will continue. Paul is great, I feel that my apartment, belongings, kids and pet are in good care in their hands they even offered to change their litter box :)

    Clare Byrne - Ballsbridge, Dublin

    We've had our 3 bedroom house cleaned by another cleaning service, but were not satisfied by the uneven work. After reading all these positive reviews about Cleaning Dublin, we decided to try Paul’s cleaning service. They definitely live up to their good reputation!

    Fiona Boyle - Rathmines, Dublin

    I called Paul’s cleaning services because of the great reviews and was extremely pleased. My house sparkles. Immediately after they arrived they started and didn’t stop even for a moment until all was done. They were very professional and efficient. I'm sold! I will definitely be using their cleaning service again.
    Kate Larkin - Glasnevin, Dublin

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