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Home Cleaning Services That Work: How Ellen Finally Got a Reliable and Trustworthy Home Cleaning Service and at Bargain Price...

There has been quite a lot of buzz over the past few months about how to find a reliable, effective and affordable home cleaning service here in Co. Dublin and up until a few days ago we hadn't received any conclusive results. However, it turns out as one of our customers reported that she had hired 4 home cleaning companies in about 4 months period. After she had them and spent all these money she tolds us that none of them actually did satisfactory work as she wanted…

Are you constantly battling with the dirt in your own home? Have you been let down by some of the high-priced local home cleaning companies? Well, you're not alone and the aim of this website is to show you the cleaning services that work. Some of the most popular local cleaning services out there receive the most amount of exposure. However, there are some lesser known cleaning companies that work that have been proven to be far more effective and the aim of this website is to post the stories from customers of our service who have been trying them out with great success saving a lot of money and hassel.

“I have tried many home cleaning companies here in Dublin, but this one offers immediate results, which is motivating and keeps you happy. It's reliable and very affordable. Its a brilliant service and I recommend it… Ellen Johnson – Clonsilla”

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Home Cleaning Services - Affordable and Trustworthy Cleaning Services in Dublin Ireland

Our home cleaning service can greatly improve the home's overall environment. While most households can do this without outside help, sometimes it is necessary for a busy lifestyle, or an occasional spring cleaning. With the help of home cleaning services Dublin we can help you keep your house clean, and improve the home's overall environment.

Many home cleaning services will typically focus on light to medium housekeeping duties. But we go one step further. We can offer customized cleaning schedules and focus on specific areas, as requested by the homeowner. Upon making a request for the service, will dispatch someone to the home to make an initial consultation; this is how we will determine the cost to the homeowner. The price will be based on many factors including the size of the home, and which rooms the maids are to clean on any given visit. The homeowner can also choose what type of cleaning options they prefer such as vacuuming, scrubbing, or dusting. Some housekeeping services also offer specialized organization and cleaning including packing, furniture treatments, and window washing.

Also, free estimates are available online, or by phone, however, the price can change upon having an in-home consultation. Finding a reputable company like has its advantages. A trustworthy company will conduct background checks on all of its employees, so that the homeowner's can be at ease with their home's security. For larger homes, we can dispatch their employees to work in teams, so that each maid can focus on thoroughly cleaning their assigned area of the home. As an added benefit, we have exclusive cleaning supplies and techniques that can make a difference in the home's overall cleanliness. Cleaning schedules can vary by household, and some may opt for only occasional service to focus on specific high traffic areas. also specializes in house cleaning services that will focus on properties or homes that have sustained fire or water damage. These services tend to be more expensive because they will employ large teams to restore the home to suitable living standards. Similar to the housekeeping services, we use special techniques to tend to more serious cleanliness issues such as mold removal, deodorization, and carpet drying. 24 hour emergency service is available in some areas for these disaster restoration services.

Even for less serious issues, our specialized cleaning company might be necessary in instances involving an abandoned home, or for a thorough cleaning after a household has moved out of a residence. Employing a house cleaning service can take some of the stress out of a busy day, or restore a home after a disaster. Having a regular cleaning service is can improve the overall household environment, especially if the occupants have busy schedules that make cleaning impossible. Even a disastrous home can be restored by a good house cleaning service.

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